…a franchise shop where results vary as much as the personnel vary from month to month.

Working with one hair designer develops a relationship of personal trust.  It’s an investment in YOU, as much as it is an investment in ME.

If you are comfortable with your hair style - keep it.  When you arrive for an appointment, I already know what you like. You don’t have to explain what you want every time.

If you are looking to change things up, it helps to know your hair designer. Some men and women are conservative, others are adventurous. I know your personality and your lifestyle. I’m not going to recommend a style or encourage you to move forward with a style that isn’t going to be practical for your personal life. You won’t be happy in a day or two. Yes, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to making your hair decisions,  but there’s a reason I am the trusted advisor of many women and men. If you are willing to listen, I will be happy to share my experience and make practical recommendations. There may be a compromise that I will be better for you personally, than choosing a hairstyle like a hairstyle that will take hours to maintain to look just like a celebrity.


 A conversation with Ralph

Sometimes women or men want to make a  dramatic  change -  they want to move

forward in life and  create a new  image.  Something  easier  to manage after a new

baby or  more dramatic  for a  wedding. We work together to get it right. Sometimes

 we do it in stages.  Especially  if someone  is  cutting very  long hair  or changing to

a new color.

It  is rare  for one of  my  clients to  look in the  mirror and be  disappointed when we

Are  finished,  unlike  some  franchise shop  experiences  that  I have  heard about.

The customer  says,  “ don’t  cut  my  bangs  much,”  and  once  the appointment is

over, the customer is thinking – “how did that happen ?  I said one inch !” It happens

all the time.  It doesn’t have to happen at all.


Each of us has an opportunity to leave the world a better place.  I have several causes that are important to me. The first, Locks of Love is a charity that collects human hair to make hair pieces for persons in cancer treatment.  Persons that want to contribute their hair come to my shop, I cut their hair and send it to the main office in West Palm Beach Florida.

As  an  animal  lover,  and  the owner  of  three  Dachshunds,  I enjoy helping people find homes  for  homeless  cats and  dogs.  I support  the  Humane Society, Pet  Rescue and Dog Rescue all of which do great work in the St. Louis and Franklin County communities. Two of my dogs were shelter dogs. Adopting shelter animals is an opportunity to save an animal’s life while enriching your own.

I don’t worry about competition.  The clients that come to me are looking for a different

Experience than what’s offered by the other shops.  There are plenty of customers to go around.

My advice to new stylists would be this: to achieve long term success in this industry, you have to excel in the art of hair design and concentrate on being a good business person.

I don’t worry about reviews, although from what I hear there are many good ones on-line.

I’m the kind of guy that is true to myself and my craft.  I try to offer upscale salon services, such as a little massage during shampoo time.  Most people enjoy it.  A few don’t.  They

may prefer  the franchise or barber experience.  Life is about choices.  Choose what makes you happy.  That’s how I live my life.  Everyone should.